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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"It's local, and the employees are very professional, friendly, and treat everyone with respect. Love this pharmacy."

"Delivery service and easy refill process"

"Everybody knows your name! They go above and beyond to help."

"You guys are the best! - always friendly and prompt."

"The staff"


"The friendly staff"

"FREE delivery service"

"The delivery service is fast and safe. Thanks for making life easier."

"They have great communication - If there is a problem of any sort, they call and let me know."

"Prompt and personal"

"Great speed, and personal attention"

"Friendly staff"

"Small-town feeling, and personal service"

"I appreciate that you deliver."


"Delivers and is knowledgeable"

"The staff is friendly and helpful."

"Friendly, fast, and professional service"

"The pharmacy, and everyone that works there, is so friendly. It is always clean, and you can find what you need easy because it is so organized."

"Good people work there"

"It's a friendly local business that carries a VERY wide range of medical and adaptive products, in addition to it's prescription drugs. I feel like they really know me!"


"They are the best!"

"When I have to pay full price for a prescription, you guys are, by far, cheaper than any of your competition. A friendly face always greets me when I arrive at your office. Your employees go above and beyond to help me with my many questions."

"The wonderful staff"

"The people care. They know people by name - that's awesome!"

"The people there are wonderful! Always helpful, and willing to assist me in whatever I need. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE, AND THIS PHARMACY!!"

"The people"

"I am occasionally 'confused' and can forget the simplest detail. I no longer worry about that because the pharmacist, and the assistants, remind me. They keep an eye out for medications that might interact with the others that I am taking."

"They always go above and beyond to make sure they take care of the patient and they do it with a smile!"

"How very professional and content everyone is at keeping the customer happy, and making them feel like family!"

"Good service"


"All of the staff is very friendly. Matt, in particular, is great! I appreciate that he remembers who I am when I come in to pick up my prescription."

"They deliver, and the staff is very friendly and helpful."


"The delivery option... I LOVE IT because I am not always able to pick up my medicine."

"The staff and how helpful they all are."

"The price, and the people"

"Local - not a 'big box' store. EVERYONE is very nice and helpful."

"The convenience and quickness"

"Personal service"

"The employees are kind, helpful, and very friendly!! They go the extra mile for their customers! They are just wonderful people that are happy and smiling. That means a lot these days!"

"They are a "down home" service in a big town."

"Delivery; easy to work with; friendly; accommodating staff"

"It's convenient."

"Friendly staff"

"Great service"


"Friendly and fast service"

"Always so dependable; love the delivery option; staff is very friendly"



"Best pharmacy in Springfield, IL"

"Jeff goes out of his way to help his patients. "

"I rarely have to wait when picking up prescriptions. If I do, it's only a minute or two. Friendly pharmacists and staff."

"The employees are wonderful! Everyone is so nice and helpful."

"Fast and friendly"

"I love the local feel!"

"Helpful and friendly staff"

"Kind and caring staff"


"That I see the same faces time after time."

"Ease of doing business, and the delivery!!!!"

"Fast friendly service"

"The friendly people"

"It's the best!!"

"We like everything. Matt is great! He is very patient and friendly on the phone, and in person. Never had a bad experience with anyone, or anything, at your pharmacy."

"People are friendly, smiling, and helpful. Efficient too!!"

"Delivery option"

"Sometimes I don't have to give them my name because they know me from past business!"

"Personal service; friendly"

"The employees are very helpful, efficient, kind, thoughtful, always have a smile for all, and are just the best!"

"It's very efficient, and easy to get my refill completed quickly."

"Fair prices and delivery option"

"Appreciate the delivery service - it makes my life easier!"


"The staff is always friendly and helpful."

"You all ROCK. Thank you!"

"Delivery service"

"Everything! Kind employees that answer questions thoroughly."

"The pharmacists, and all staff, are great. The delivery is a God send."

"The best of care! They know who you are, and are really personable!"


"I like that this local, independent pharmacy is not part of a national chain."

"Extremely friendly; know my name; greet me when I come in"

"They make sure you get your meds on time, and they are beyond friendly."

"I need delivery and what I get from you is fast and friendly! Thanks!"

"I have always received fast efficient service from you, and the staff have always been helpful."

"I love going to a pharmacy that is not part of a large corporate chain. CompleteCare Pharmacy feels more personal. I am always treated nicely when I am there."

"Good people I can talk to!"

"That it's a locally owned, relationship based, pharmacy."

You can help CompleteCare Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp (Springfield) and/or Google and Yelp (Champaign) - thank you!

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